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Standing up but can't get back down!!! Lock Rss


I'm new to this forum so I hope I haven't started a thread that has been covered recently...

My son is 7.5 months and over the last couple of weeks has discovered that he can pull himself to a standing position. This is all very clever but he hasn't yet mastered the skill of getting back down. Once he has been standng for a little while he becomes frustrated and upset and I have to help him back down. Trying to put him to bed has become a bit of a trial now. He pulls himself up the sides of the cot but since he can't get back down he starts crying and I go in there to lie him back down.
This can happen a few times before he settles to sleep.

I know that time will cure this frustration but is there anything I can do to help him? I am trying to teach him how to return to earth but the poor little tike just grabs onto me for dear life.

I would love to hear some suggestions...
Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the forum....hope you find it really useful.

I hate to see posts go unanswered so i decided to reply....i may not be much help to you but here goes....

When i was in this situation with my DD i took about 5 mins everyday to help her with sittng and standing....back to sitting and so on.

Soon enough she got the picture and was not as 'afraid' to do it herself. The frustration was driving me and her nuts!

When she was in the cot and doing this i gently guided her hands back down the rails so that she had to bend her knees. With in a few days of helping and guiding her she learnt to do all by herself.

Goodluck with your will get easier.


Welcome to the Forums you will love it !

My son is not quite 7 months but we are in the same situation so it will be interesting to see what others can suggest / help out..... smile
Hi Sarah (and everyone else)

My bub went thru the exact same thing - discovered almost a month ago how to properly pull himself up on the cot (and now everything else in sight) but would just stand there and cry...frustrating for the daytime naps - strangely, he didn't do it at night, probably because he's so tired by evening from all the play.

I found he just kinda taught himself how to sit, thru some accidental sitting, falling, sliding etc. I've always been on hand to try and guide him down but the last couple of days he's gotten really good at it and is landing gently on his bum and knees equally. He is very excited at having learned this and I'm very happy he did it so quickly!

Having said that, he still sometimes overbalances when he's reaching down etc, but the more they practise the better they get. I've also found that his playpen, security gate and bars on the cot have helped as he can slide his hands down while he sits.

Good luck!! smile

Tracy, QLD, Nathaniel born 27 June 2005

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