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9 month old routine... Lock Rss

whats your routine for ur 9 month old.
At the monet
dylan has a bottle at about 5-7 depedning on when he wakes up.
wake sup 7:30/8 ( usually has bottle at 5am)
8:30ish brekky
10 am sleep
12 wake up
1 pm lunch
1:30 bottle
2pm sleep
3:30/4 wake up
5:30/6 dinner
bottle at 7 and bed at 7:15-7"30
i am trying to vut the 5 am bottle and make it 7 am but alot of mums get bubs up for brekky before first bottle, though with our family it works best togive a bottle and have brekk later a sthats hwen we get up.
what do u guys do.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

hi there

my dd id 9.5 mths and this is her routine (she is breastfed)

5am-5:30 wake up (every morning) b/f
8am - brekkie - weetbix and apple
8:30 - shower
9am - 5min b/f before sleep
10am - wake up
10:30 snack - salada & cheese or yoghurt etc
12pm - b/f
12:30 - lunch
1:30pm sleep
2:30-3pm - wake up
3:30pm - arvo tea - custard and juice
4:30pm - b/f
6pm - dinner
6:30pm - 30min bath with dad
7pm - b/f
7:15ish sleep till 5am

i have just recently cut emmah down from 6 b/f a day and am looking at dropping her mid morning snack b/f before her first sleep when she is about 10mths....

this routine works well really well for us, have pretty much been using it from when she was 4mths old


Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn

Sonja is 9kg and 75cm

6:30am wake/one breast (could be anywhere from 6am to 7:30am)
30mins later 2nd breast * this is not my idea it is hers tongue
7:30 Breaky
8:30-9am sleep usually 45mins
9:30-10am one breast followed by snack of yogurt or cheese
11:30-12 Lunch
1:30 sleep usually 45mins
2pm one breast
3pm snack
5pm dinner
5:30 bath
6-6:30 bed
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