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Random Screaming.. Why? Lock Rss

My DS of 10 months has started making these piercing screams, so loud that they could shatter glass. He doesn't seem to be in pain or upset as he isn't crying, and at his last check up the doctor said there was nothing wrong with him.
It seems to be an attention or frustration thing, but he'll even scream if I am holding or playing with him. He can't crawl yet, he just shuffles backwards, which makes him even more angry, but he'll scream even if he is sitting up.
Has anyone experienced this before? It is honestly driving me insane and my ears are ringing constantly. I love him to bits, but at the moment I feel like i am losing my mind and will do anything to make these random screams stop!
hi there, my son aldo did this. What do u do when he does it? I found the more attention wether it be bad or not, ash did it more. so i strated ignoring him, very hard in public places, but eventually he got sick of it

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I THINK THEY CALL THESE TANTRUMS!!!! my daughter is just testing them out now she is 9mths and crawling walking around furniture etc and when ever she needs attention or something is not going her way she does the same thing although whether out of their frustration or attention i just put her on the floor and let her calm down and deal with it heartless maybe but i hopefully wont have one of those kids that throw themselves on the floor in the supermarket. They maybe small but they can fool us all even at this age they know just how to get your attention.
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