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swimming lesson dilema Lock Rss

We are into the 2nd term of swim lessons and so far DD has been really good with getting water poured over her head, and doing the kicks etc.
But the last few lessons when the teacher pours the water on her head she swipes the cup away with her hand and when I help her kick she screams and stiffens her legs. The other babies can hold the kick boards and be dragged across the pool but DD screams and refuses to even touch it. She also has major issues with this black foam mat that they put the babies on to float them in the water. she also wont lie on her back and scrunches up her face when I pass her to the teacher to be put under water.
Apart from that........She loves being in the water and splashing about , laughing at the other kids, but has not interest in doing any of the activities. I dont want the other mums to think I am wasting their pool time while the teacher tries to help me out.

I am considering not going for a while, but worry that when I return to lessons she will be wary of even getting into the water.
I also thought that maybe picking up a second day might help her get used to it?

How are all the other bubs her age coping with the lessons? What do you think I should do?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

i take my baby swimming usually every week ( he is a bit younger than yours though - 8 months). I find like most things that they can have good and bad days there.
i have friends and relatives with older kids who nearly all have found that their babies went through stages of loving swimming and then hating it. one friend in particular has this problem. she stopped her 1.5 year old for a couple of months then went back to it and he was fine.
if you don't want to stop how about just trying a couple of weeks of just doing the things in the water that she loves and not forcing the 'scary' stuff, then gradually re-introducing the things she doesn't like one at a time. I would say (although i'm no expert) that you won't get too much out of forcing her to do anything. but just being in the water and happy is better than not being in the water at all. at such a young age it doesn't matter if they aren't kicking or using certain equipment, its just good to feel the water and get used to the noise from other kids.
best of luck

Amanda - Lachie 30/9/05, Will 20/10/07

My bub goes to swimming lessons too and generally loves them, but we did initally have a few issues with lying on his back, so we just went a couple of times together(no lesson) and practiced just the 2 of us. Now he is fine. Maybe you could just have some time at the pool alone with bubs and have some fun plus build bubs confidence and then once thats all cool she might be better with the swimming teacher?
Good luck!

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

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