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Standing Up Lock Rss

Im just wondering how old your baby was when he first stood up. My son is 8 months old and stood up for the first time yesterday. I have been told this is an early start.
hey Lee my DD was nearlly 8 mnths when she started standing up i thought it was normal around that age. Now the fun starts u have to put everything away remotes to the back of the couch DD opened my cupboard the other day and started pulling things out! very annoying!

Brooklyn is 7 months old and every time I try to put him in his cot for a sleep, 5 mins later he is standing up at the rail trying to chew his way out :'( . He still hasnt figured out how to get back to sitting position, so he just hangs on for dear life, until I come back to get him Lol.....Its so cute but can get V frustrating. Fun Fun!!!

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