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  5. SHE STOOD ......(for 3 seconds)

SHE STOOD ......(for 3 seconds) Lock Rss

I was holding Lillie up on against the couch and she really wanted the remote control
I let go and she stood!!!!!..... for 3 seconds then her fat little legs gave way(cant blame them through all that flubber) lol

im so very proud

and she is sitting up so very well

Lillie....1 year old!!!


that is so cool. I bet your real chuffed with little wee lillie smile.
just wait, not long now and shes going to walking:-)

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

thats so sweet but u know babys dont always crawl first they can walk then crawl maybe she just wants to skip a step and show u she is a big girl

qld mother of 4yr zac 2yr landon and baby noah

Way to go Lillie!
You better watch out Mimmy wink

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Mim thats good she is starting to get her balance,
Ds likes to grab for the remote and has also stood for a couple of seconds too. Its good, but look out they move so quickly once they find there feet.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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