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15 months and not talking Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

My little Emily is 15.5 months and the only word she says is Dad. She has been saying this for about 6 months now. She talks in her own language and laughs all the time. She follows commands like get the ball and time for bed and knows words like cat, dog, bird, horse, Sophie (sister) and heaps more and can point them out in a book.

She is meeting all her other milestones, is walking and running, kicking the ball, everything like that but just not talking.

She is booked in for a hearing test at the end of June. My child heath nurse things she might be hearing everything muffled (like we would hear underwater) and cannot understand or hear the words clear enough to say them back to me.

Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone have any advice? I know all bubs develop at different stages but I'm starting to get a bit concerned.



Alice, Sydney, Emily 18.2.05, Sophie 7.4.06

Lochie is 16 months and sounds exactly like your daughter. The only thing he says is bottle, and occassionaly he will say car. He is very vocal though, he will talk all day in his 'own' language.

Lochie is also reaching all other milestones. Walks, runs, kicks balls. He also understands commands and seems to understand a lot of what i'm saying to him.

I'm not too concerned yet. I am not really sure what the average is for kids his age but when it comes to his 18 month check up and is still not talking i will talk to my MCHN about it.

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