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Is there a time limit in which you should allow a 7 1/2 month old baby to sit on their own Lock Rss

Hi there

I am just enquiring, I have a DD who is 7 1/2 months old and this week has just started sitting on her own without falling backwards. I therefore allow her some time on the floor (i place a pillow behind her so if she falls she wont hurt herself) and give her some toys and she just plays on her own.

I was just wondering if there a certain time limit in which I should allow her to play in this position? Would I strain her back if I leave her in this position for longer than a certain period of time?

At the moment I leave her in this position until I can see she is getting tired and starts to fall a couple of times.

I just thought that I should encourage her seeing she is enjoying being in this position. When I place her in her bouncer, she never sits backwards. She always sits forwarded and balances on her own.

Any advice would be good.

Thank you.

hey there
when haleigh started sitting at 5months, she loved it so i left her for as long as she wanted, pretty soon she would crwal then sit herself down on her own.
i took her out if her bouncer as soon as she could sit, cause she started to look like it was going to tip forward.
i found even now, when i put her in her pram she wants to sit, she wont lie down like she used to (i just wait til she asleep and then change her)
personally i think it good to encourage it, aswell as letting her have tummytime/ crawl time.

hope that helped

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

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