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What is your 5 month doing? Lock Rss

I thought it might be fun to find out what some babies the same age as my DD are doing now. I know it's not a competition and all bubs will do things in their own time, like i said, just fun to know.

My bub has just started rolling from front to back and back to front. Was starting to think she wasn't going to do it but sure enough last week she decided it was time.

She has said mama and dada although i'm not sure she knew what it meant. Rasberries and bubbles are a favourite vocal passtime although screaching randomly seems to be her favourite at the moment unfortunately. Its glass shattering!

Bub can sit un aided for a few moments but inevitably ends up chest on the ground or slumped to one side no matter how many cushions i prop her up with.

Playing with her feet is a new favourite, i think she has just realised they belong to her!

Her favourite toy is a small fleecy blankie called a taggie. It has little ribbon loops all different colours and textures all around the outside and she loves getting her little fingers in them!

She has her two bottom teeth just poking through which adds a whole new dimension to breastfeeding, (ouch!)

She goes to bed at 7.30ish and wakes up once or twice for a feed before she gets up at around 7ish.

DD has just started tasting solids. Kumara and pumpkin pouree has been the best recieved so far.

Bubs favourite playtime is in the bath with me before bed at night. She has just mastered picking up her floaty toys by pulling them in to her body so they don't bob away.

I would love to hear what your little ones are up to!


Hi there

I know what you mean... it is not a competition but it is really fun to know what other babies are doing and share what yours is doing. Sounds like your DD is doing really well!!

Kaden is a week or so away from being 5 months. Has only rolled over (front to back) a couple of times but always by accident smile

He is very vocal, loves to giggle and babble lots like he is telling you the most interesting story in the world!! And of course his stories always get louder in public smile

Kaden loves sitting up by himself and can do so for a couple of minutes without cushions but always leaned right over using his legs for balance.

His favourite toys are his plastic rattles/keys that he bangs as hard as he can on the table in his walker. He also loves story time and giggles all the way through "The Cat in the Hat".

No teeth yet but the little red cheeks give away that they are on the way!

He is in bed now by 8.30pm after his bedtime story from Daddy and is now up about 7.30am.

Loves his solids - banana is his new favourite but kumara is also a fav. Wonder sometimes if more ends up on him than in his belly!

His personality is really starting to show, think he is going to be a really cheeky wee man, he has always got the smiles and giggles just at the right time to get his own way!!!

Tracey, Kaden & Alydia''''s Mum

Hi. My bub isn't quite 5 months yet (will be on the 14th June) and we're still eagerly anticipating her rolling and especially crawling. She gets ever so close to rolling from back to front and only once so far has she rolled from front to back.
Lauren loves playtime & she's a social butterfly. Loves to talk and definately blow bubbles. Shes beginning to giggle alot more now which is beautiful. She loves bathtime but just lays there and enjoys with the occassional kick & splash.
I started her on solids at about 13 weeks old and has loved every minute of it. She has 3 meals a day now with her 4 bottles as well. She is a home cooked meals girl because she thrives on her vegies which I cook, whereas she sometimes screws the face with tin foods.
What more can I say.....I love motherhood (despite its challenges).

I've read your posts and am wondering what kumara is. Sounds interesting!

Brooke can roll over both ways and she is constantly struggling to sit up. She has starting to do a crawl thing which my brother call 'the Slug'..she lies on her tummy, pulls her knees up to her chest, then straightens her legs and she moves about 20cms at a time. She also drools so much that she leaves a slimey trail. She doesn't look very graceful but at least shes moving!

She Started solids about a month ago she loves pureed Pumpkin,sweet potato, potato and zuccini, which my mum cooks in the crock pot to absorb the meat flavours.

Her fav toy is a Playgro Zany Zoo padded book. She turns the pages, crinkles and chews the teething corners. Theres something special about that one book because i brought her the same shape book but its a pond friends theme and she will have nothing to do with it.
She loves baths and screams when i get her out. In the bath she loves sucking the water out of the facewasher.

She has no teeth and she sleeps from about 10pm until 7-10am, Which i am certainly not complaining about!
i really enjoyed reading about your bubs as my bub hayley is now 5 months and i was also wondering what other babies at this age were doing.

Hayley has also only just started to roll from front to back, and back again, i thought she was a little slow physically but reading your message kinda relaxed me a bit. Hayley also loves to listen to her own squeelling and my gosh its loud and piercing, but she loves it as well as blowing her bubbles. Hay can also sit up momentarrily unaided but quickley topples over, though i've noticed in the last few days that if i lay her on her back on her big cushion she tries to pull herself up to sitting, she gets halfway up and falls back down.
Hayley in the last 2 weeks has just started to be able to pick her toys up and hold onto them, she has been switching them from hand to hand which che does often. hayley usually has a sleep about 7:00pm and wakes up about an hour later. she has her big sleep at about 8:30-9:00pm and sleeps till about 5am has a feed then goes back to sleep till 8am when she loves to get up and have a big play on the loungeroom floor with her toys.
Hayley has also just started tasting solids and she absolutely loves bananna custard and wheetbix, she doesnt like the farax rice cereal though.
Hayley loves playing in the bath, but we dont have a bath at home just a shower, which she has just taken a shinning too, she seems to really enjoy the water running down her back, she still has quick baths in the baby bath, but there isnt much room in there for her to play anymore.
thank you for your message.

wenz,vic,3 kids

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