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starting baby on water Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I have a four month old son and was told by a clinic nurse to start giving him cool boiled water. I was just wondering if anyone else did this and how many times a day????????
Hi Jen

I do it and I usually give it about an hour after a meal... be it solids or bottle... and I do this all day long and she can end up drinknig about 200 or more mls of water a day..

It keeps me happy

Ill be starting her on a sipper cup soon.


We introduced water as a drink when starting solids (6 months). I'd offer it in a sippy cup shortly after finishing the solids meal. It took DD probably a good 6-8 weeks before she was drinking from it well. I was told not to worry how long it took as water isn't a necessity (getting it through breast/formula). Once DD was mobile I started to leave a sippy cup full of water for her to drink at her leisure - still do it. Best of luck !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Jen,

My 5 month old daughter won't take water from a bottle or cup. So to get a little bit of water into her I have been giving her a face washer in the bath.

She loves it. She chews and sucks all of the water out of it. I know its not boiled but I did it with my older son too and never had any problem.


mum of two

I have had Benjamin drinking cooled boiled water since he was about 2-3 months old. Newborns can drink up to 30mls a day.

Hi Janelle,

I've been trying to get my 3.5mth DD to drink water for a while now. My nurse said the same thing, and to give her cool boiled water. It seems to work a treat on Bella to get the wind up.

When she was on smaller bottles I gave it to her between feeds, if she didn't finish her bottle and was hungry before the next feed.

I'm trying to get her to drink more water again now (since moving onto the bigger bottles she hasn't seemed too worried between feeds) because she has really bad nappy rash and I have been told it could be to do with having really acidy poos from the formula and that water will break it down. I'm doing it 3 times a day, about an hour after her feed.

I have a question too, if anyone can help me - so far I've been using cool boiled water (about the temp of her bottles), but am i able to boil the water and put it in the fridge and she drink it cold? I have never tried this yet, but am curious if it can (or should) be done. I have an appt with my nurse next week too, but in the meantime it would be great to hear from anyone who might know.

Thanks smile

.x. Just Me & My Princess .x.

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