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tiles..? Lock Rss

hi i have a 11 week old bub and only play with her on my lap because we have tiles all over the house and its too cold to place a mat on the floor..
any suggestions on how to play with bubs to encourage bubs movements...
at the moment she tries to lift herself up while on my lap..

hey there,
wot if u put a warm sheet on the floor then a mat over the top of the sheet

we also have tiles and when we first moved in we went to a carpet place and picked up a couple of carpet samples really cheap about $10 each and put those down as DD wasn't crawling at the time. we have since brought a big rug to go in the loungeroom so she can crawl all around and not get cold.

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I have tiles all through my house too. I have a lambswool rug for the floor and I just put a bunny rug on top of that as they are easier to wash and dry. I often play with my daughter on the couch, I am ALWAYS there with her, and that gives her the chance to lay down and kick around feely.

Hey Jenn,

We have tiled our house recently and yes they can be some what of a hazard. DS is 7 months and has had 2 good bruises and a blood lip - Not nice. I found that and old or cheap doona/quilt/bedspread on the floor is good so they can get around a bit. Easy to clean and shake out and even change bubs on (maybe a couple of cushions too for when she is more mobile).
Also to encourage co-ordination someone told me when bub is laying on their back grab one hand and the opposite foot and touch them above bubs belly, hand to foot. So left hand to right foot - apparently they use this movement when crawling ??? Just a suggestion smile

Hi! We have tiles also. I ended up getting a nice big cheap mat from Spotlight for $99. Then I put down a doona, lambswool, sheet, bunnyrug - whatever's handy, on top to make it a little more comfy. It's really handy when I have to run for the phone etc as I can just put him down and know he's safe (even if he chucks a tanty about it!).
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