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Bumper Car-Cot Crawling Lock Rss

My DS is 4 months old and has been swimming (you couldn't really call it crawling yet) around his cot for about a month.

He has the flu at the moment and since this he has been bashing his head into the sides of the cot almost every hour during the night. (I am not sure if this is just more often because he is having trouble breathing and it is waking him up more often).

I raised the head of the cot to help him breathe, and this has subsequently stopped him crawling too far up the cot, but this only encourages him to go to the side or turn around and head down to the bottom of the cot. When he bangs his head it wakes him up and leaves nice little red dints (although they don’t bruise) in his head.

DS is a tummy sleeper (i know), but has been finding his own sleeping position lately. He will roll onto his side to get comfortable or his back (but won't sleep on his back, he just stares at the roof).

I have tried rolling a sheet and tucking it in the under the fitted sheet to raise the sides of the mattress, but this only worked when he was smaller. I would prefer not to use cot bumpers and I have tried the roll cushions, but he isn’t comfortable with them anymore.

I was wondering if anyone’s bubs are like this and whether they grow out of it, or will I have to make him wear a bumper helmet or something crazy lie that!! hehe

My bub was a roller around the same age. It was so frustrating - he would be waking himself up all night & I would have to go in and resettle him. He would also get his limbs stuck in the cot rails.

I moved him into his porta-cot for a couple of weeks until he was rolling better. This helped - he wouldnt wake up when he was in his porta-cot. I also bought him a sleeping bag so this has stopped his legs getting caught. He can still roll around, i think it is just a little harder so he cant roll in his sleep quite as easily.

I think they do grow out of it, once they can control their movements a little more.

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