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hi there
was wondering what u ladies do about buying clothes for bub.Ive noticed even though were only a month into winter all the stores are clearing winter clothes and bringing out the summer summer doesnt really start till december im not sure weather to buy a few things in the next size up cos im sure hes gonna outgrow his size now soon.

its really frustrating cos i dont know what size hell be he could have a big growth spurt or maybe he wont AHH .All the nice summer stuff is coming out and once again i dont know what size hell need for summer but if i leave it till dec theyll start bringing back the winter stuff.

Why do they do that?? Any Ideas???

Hi sarah,

I've bought a couple of things the next size up just in case. But my SIL went through her old baby stuff and gave me a hole heap of what DS is and the next size up, when I asked the same Question you did. I'd also love the answer to why shops do that.
Best of luck.


DS 13months

I find Big W have the best stuff and the cheapest prices. At this age 8months I find I have DS in Tracksuit pants for crawling a bonds singlet suit and a long sleeve top or jumper. Its so hard to know what to dress them in and what size to buy as different shops seem to have different measurements Grrr >sad< .Dimmeys also has some bargins. My girlfriend caught a great sale on at Target last season and got suits and tops, pants for $2 - $3 some even going for a $1. I will try to wait for a great sale like that and buy up big!!

I buy at Ebay and outlet shops. Target & BigW clothes don't tend to fit as well as some of the label clothes. I tend to buy skivvies etc from Target, BigW, KMart etc, then mix them with the better fitting labels. My DS is long and thin, so I've found Pumpkin Patch fits quite well - as it seems to have longer legs on the pants etc. But I can't bring myself to pay $20+ for baby clothes (unless it is a really special outfit for a special event etc - or a jacket that will last all Winter), so I get 2nd hand stuff on Ebay. I got a heap of the Pumpkin Patch current range, hardly worn, for less than $5 per item.

I am buying size 0 & 1s for Spring Summer, as he is currently in 00. I figure if they don't fit, I haven't spent too much and can just resell on Ebay and get some money back.

The other reason I go for the labels is that Target/BigW/KMart don't resell very well...

I think all parents have the same problem. My dd is a jan baby so i had heaps of 0000 and 000 summer clothes. Only problem is that she has only just moved into 000's so I have a whole heap of band new 000's summer clothes.

I know it's annoying that shops bring summer stock in so early. I worked at target for 4 years. Even I always thought it was sooo stupid. But I found at that the main reason is because of stocktake. I would buy some bigger ones, if your bub doesn't grow into them then you could sell them on ebay or keep them for your next bub if there is going to be one:)

Tiddles, Vic, 3/1/2006 dd

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