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New to mummyhood and Huggies! Lock Rss

Hi Everyone! smile

Just joined a few days ago and thought I'd say hi! I am a new mum to my gorgeous baby boy who is 8.5 weeks old. We live in Melbourne and are enjoying our new lives as a family.

I love every new development every day and I love how my DS is smiling all the time and trying to laugh out loud.

Hope everyone is doing well! grin
Hi SkySpirit!!

I have a 10 week old son - so they must have been born around the same time. My boy was born on the 17th July at 10.45pm. He weighed 8 lb 15 oz and was 53 cm.When was your son born - and what did he weigh - how long? I luuuuuuuurve talking babies!!! My email address is [email protected], if anyone wants 2 chat!!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Hi Marti! Sorry I didn't reply sooner...I only just got the email saying there was a reply to my post!

Anyway, my DS was born July 14th at 10.44pm (which would make him 3 days and 1 mintue older than your DS!) He weighed 7lb 9 oz and was 48 cm long. I also luuuuuuuurve talking babies lol Im sure all my friends and family are so sick to death about my non stop talk about DS. He seems to be the only thing in my vocabulary these days!

We had our 1st mothers group yesterday and out of 6 other babies, he's the ONLY boy! He has his own little harem at 3.5 motnhs old! lol

How are things as a new mummy? Hope all is going well smile

Well well, I was very close about them being close in age hey? 3 days and 1 minute difference - haha! When you were having your son, I was at home FREAKING out because I was being induced the next day!!

They are just the greatest aren't they? I love my baby boy more than I know how - and I fall in love with him more each day!!

I also talk about him all day, everyday to anyone that will listen!! I am getting married in February, and everyone can't believe that I am taking him on my honeymoon, because I can't bear be apart from him. Luckily my partner understands the mother - baby bond!!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

I was induced too! I was 6 days over so they put me in to be induced with protagen (?), the gel stuff. I wasn't expecting it to work cos I had heard so often it doesnt. But bang..nearly straight away contractions started (irregular) and that night DS was born! Why were you induced? Also late?

Yes, they are the greatest. I still can't believe Im a mum! And yes its a love I never knew or could have ever comprehended before smile My DP and I arent married but we're quite happy as we are. I think its great though...I guess you little one will be too young to be the page boy? I'm not sure I would take him on the honey moon though...but I guess if we were ever to be married DS would by then be old enough to stay at his grandparents for a prolonged time. I have been leaving him for an hour or 2 each week with my parents but thats as long as I have yet. My bro said he will come over and look after DS one night so DP and I can go out. That will be weird, I'm not sure how I would be. Probably too nervous to really enjoy the night! lol

Anyway, take care.
Yes, I was overdue - by 17 DAYS!! I was due on the 1st July!

I know, its sad that I can't bear to be without my baby - so I am taking him on my honeymoon!! But he will only be 7 months old! Thats my excuse anyway!! tongue

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Wow! 17 DAYS?! How come they let you go over so much? I know it used to be 14 days MAX but now days its generally 7-10 days. Wow!

I can totally understand how you dont want to be without your baby!! smile We have been sleeping DS in our room at night and his room during the day but last night, we put him in his room for he first time. I was so worried and had thoughts of something terrible happening! It took me well over 2 hours to get to sleep even tho my eyes were falling out of my head. I couldn't stop listening intently to the monitor, willing him to sigh or cough or something! I was hopeless! lol

But it was great. He woke just before 7 this morning and layed there chatting to the animals on his mobile! We snuck in to 'spy' on him but he saw me and gave me the biggest grin! So he wasn't upset by it, he was quite happy with the change smile
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