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9 months and not crawling Lock Rss


my daughter is 9 months and she isnt crawling she can sit on her own
reach for her toys
can pick up
clap hands
says mum an dadda
roll back and forth
almost from a laying down position on her back can almost sit her self up.

but she cannot crawl or walk

what can i do to teach her to crawl?
hi, my son is also 9 months he isn't crawling but he tries, he doesn't sit up or say any words yet .
he cant clap hands yet either.
Although he is a bit behind because he was 3 months premmature So basically he is supposed to be acting like a 6 month old but he is a bit advanced ive been told because he is actually acting like a 7 month old and doing some eight month old stuff.
When your bub is on her tummy put your hands behind her feet so she can push against them, this will push her forward thats what ive done with my little declan and it seems to encourage them more!

Goodluck, all bubs do everything at their own pace she'll get there soon enough.


Hi there,

I know exactly how you feel!!! My little girl is 8 months old and shows no indication of crawling at all.

She can do a lot of what you little girl can do - sit on her own for ages, reach for toys in front of her, clap hands, waves goodbye, is just beginning to say mum and dad (kind of), only rolls from front (if I put her there) to back - she will not roll from her back to her front at all.

I think it may be my fault though - everytime she falls on her side or back from her sitting position, she will grizzle and winge so I go and sit her back up again. Perhaps I should let her try and do things for herself.

I will certainly be trying the ideas others have suggested here to encourage her.


Try not to worry about your little one not crawling, as others have said essentially they all reach these milestones in their time and the way and speed they develop is "normal" for them.

You little one may bipass crawling and start to stand and walk! Some commando crawl before they get onto their hands and knees and then they stand and walk, others commando crawl and then start to stand and walk. Some are happy just to crawl around as they are mobile and can get to where they want to go so why walk?

She sounds like my baby at 9 monnths with hand clapping, mumma and dadda, rolling and pulling up to a sitting position from lying down (though my daughter pulls up from tummy positon, I think she is too fat to sit up when she is on her back!! lol).

If you want to you can show her what to do for crawling, but I think that she will show some interest in it when she is ready. not to worry, I know a 20month old who still can't walk and his mum has just had baby no 2.!

Hi rene23, It's already been said that bubs do what they do at their own pace smile but just thought I'd add that generally babies that crawl & walk first will talk later & babies that start talking first will walk or crawl later. I'm sure someones little genius out there has done both at once but it is not the norm! smile
Hi there my sons is 9months next week he cant crawl as he gets grumpy on his tummy so i give he can say mum he reaches for his toy but wont crawl ive tryed supporting his legs so he can crawl but it dont work can some body help or got any advise that they used and worked thanks
hey ladies i wouldnt worry at all my son sat up at 5.5 months but didnt crawl till 12 months!!! he is now walking and has been since he was 13.5 months so 6 weeks after he crawled he is very clever!

hi there, my DD is just 10 months and olny last week she started crawling, (9months, 3 weeks and 5 days, lol)she had been sitting up unaided from 4 months, clapped her hands waves bye and says a few words(mum, dad, nan, gone, uh oh and ta) but it felt like she would never crawl, now she startef she is very funny, and doesnt get upset getting stuck.
ur baby will do it when ur least e}{peccting it!
Enjoy it while you can.

Honestly I was and still upset that my little guy crawled at 5.5 months, he is now 10 months. He is my first baby and he grew up WAY to quick. Im the total opposite when people talk about how happy they are they their babies are going through miles stones Im getting saddened.

They are all so different. Your bubs are quite happy sitting, relaxing, observing. My little guy is trying to walk and getting into EVERYthing. Where's my baby gone?? Im sad!!

He struggles with fine motor skills though, leaps and bounds with gross motor. But picking up things with pincer grip not quite there yet. He eats finger food with his mouth.

They will all get there, in their own time at their own pace before we know they will be all at the same stage smile

Happy healthy bubs is the most important thing
I know everyone has probably told you this but all babies develop at different rates. Your DD is still developing just in different ways first.

My DS is 9 months old tomorrow (is 2 months premature) and attends CC. It is frustrating when I see babies younger than him crawling around and some even walking around but I know he will get there in his own time. I know a baby girl born around the same time who was in the NICU with him and she has been crawling & walking for awhile now. Every baby is different and develops at their own pace.

You DD will let you know when she is ready. I know my DS is developing well, he has had a dificult start to life and just needs alittle extra time to catch up and spend time being a baby.

My DS is rolling, says mum ma, da, bub bub, mmh num num, tries to pull himself into a sitting position, can sit up but wobbles to the side without support, puts his foot in his mouth, has NO teeth but is teething, reaches for toys and passes them between his hands etc ect.

Sometimes I wish he would do things sooner but than I just remind myself to enjoy this time whilst he is still a baby and needs me.

Don't wish for your little girl to grow up to fast!

Hi there..
as it's been said that babies all do develop at different times.. Nothing you do will make them crawl or walk before their ready. My twin DD's didn't crawl till they were nearly 11 months old. Crawling late hasn't affected their development in any other way.
DS is 7 1/2 months nearly and he is not showing much signs of crawling, although other children his age are nearly crawling.
But he sits on his own all the time, loves banging drums and any other musical instrument, has 4 teeth, grabs toys in front of him and rolls front to back and back to front.
Your Daughter will crawl when she's ready smile Then watch out you won't be able to stop her!

Hi to all Mums,

Try not to worry too much about your little ones not crawling yet.

Our son was born with Talipes/Clubfeet and we knew straight away it would delay him doing all the things babies do.

He didn't start crawling until he was 10 months old and he is now 13 months and still is crawling but does the whole comando crawling.

He has only just started to stand up and pull himself up onto things. He isn't walking yet but it won't take him long as he is gaining strengh in his leg muscles but just needs the balance!

He is behind alot especially with him talking aswell! He only says MUM and DAD but he will learn everything at his own pace as we don't want to rush him.

So mums don't worry too much your little ones will be crawling before you know it!!

Take care BrocksMummy smile
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