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hip problems Lock Rss

hi, i have a four month old baby girl and when she was born she had clicky hips. she was put in a splint for 6 weeks which seemed like a life time. the splint fixed her right hip but not her left. she now has to have an operation when she is 1. they have to break her thigh bone and turn it around a bit and bolt it so it sits in her hip properly. after the operation she has to have a plaster cast on for 6 weeks. then when she is 18 months old they will remove the bolts in her leg. i am not looking forward to this. has anyone had hip problems. i am dreading may next year. any advise will help me.
hi well i have a 5 mth old daughter she was born with overlapping toes on her left foot and we have just had x-rays and an ultrasound done on her left hip because she was holding it very funny her leg would fling back but the hip wasnt clicking and we have just found out that it is all clear well i hope it is anyway she has actually started to hold it better since she has been moving it more but she does have to have an operation on her toes when she is 1or 2 so i am not looking forward to that.anyway i wish you all the best it isnt nice when you have to see your baby go through so much stuff when they are so little and innocent anyway if you wanna chat e-mail me at [email protected] seeya nat
Hi Lou2,
My daughter also was diagnosed with clicky hips at 9 weeks, I was devastated, She was in a pavlik harness for three months and I thought it would never end. We have just had our first xray and things look fine, however we still have to have xrays at 1 and 1 and a half years, fingers crossed. I to some degree know how you feel and know you will get through it although it seems so overwhelming at the moment and I pray it all goes well for you and your daughter.

Lil, 5mths

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