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Are cot bumpers safe to use? Lock Rss

Hi all

I have a 9n month old daughter who sleeps in a sleeping bag. I find that when I go and check up on her (of a night time) she always moves her body towards the head of the cot and hits her head on the cot.

I understand cot bumpers and the like are unsafe and you should not use them. I have a cot bumper and was wondering whether I could place this in the cot so as my dd will not hit her head on the top of the cot.

When is it safe to place a cot bumper and pillow in the cot?

I have heard 12 month is the age but am unsure. My dd sleeps on her back and does not turn around as yet. She loves sleeping and laying on her back. She hates tummy time.

Any suggestions.


the chn said not to use them at all.
Nichole's most likely exploring her cot to see how much room she has to play with. Hunter used to do it every night but learnt not to now. He much rather get his arm stuck outside when he's on his front now!
I'm more inclined not to put a pillow in the cot and wait until he's out of the cot, so he can push it onto the floor if need be.
A friend of mine uses cot bumpers coz her bub from 8 months used to bang his head against the sides repeatedly. He stopped doing it when the bumpers were in and the sound of his head hitting the side wasn't that exciting anymore!
Maybe ask your CHN if its advisable in your case to use the bumper..

Mum to 2 boys

My DD is 12 months and also has tended to sleep up the top end of the cot. Sometimes I have heard her bump her head but it has never been hard as she has never cried out in pain. I think it is their way of feeling where they are in the cot.

I have never used a cot bumper due to the recommendations and I am not sure what age you can start using them. My girlfriend has had a bumper in her child's cot from day one and her child is fine though.

If you already have a bumper you could try it just at the head of the cot, but I would not use a pillow until the age of two as a bub needs a firm surface for their head. you could put a pillow under the mattress to raise the top so she will tend to hover less at the top and keep her in her blankets, this seemed to work for my lil DD for a while.

hey josy
i got a bumper for jett when he was about 3 months ld. For the same reason you are thinking about using yours... jett would push his way around the cot and bang his head.
Countless nights i have gone into his room only to find his head against the wood.
I havent had any probs with him and the bumper but thats not to say they are safe. I just use it to stop the brain damage he was causing


Our baby kept bumping his head on the hard cot bars all of the time and we brought these amazing Pure Safety Vertical Cot Liners. They zip onto each cot rail, so there are no dangerous ties and the airflow can still get through etc
Hope that helps
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