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First words Lock Rss

It is wonderful to be a first time mum and experience these special moments. I am so looking forward to when my little girl can say her first word! I would love to hear from other members on how old their baby was and what that word was!

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

My little man had been chatting for a while. At around 7 months (i think) was when it sounded like he said muma/dada. He's 9 months and is definately saying mum/dad. It is so cute, makes those first few hard weeks really worth it!
hello sahra's mum
my first son was about eight months old when he said "nena" to my sister which is hungarian to aunty !! he was talking properly when he was one year old which everyone thinks is early !!! he never stopped talking since !!! lol!! he speakes hungarian and english now ( 11 years old) altough he has accent in hungarian now !!
my six month old just started saying dadada wich my husband recons is not really talking but i still like to think it is a real word !!! i don't think he will start talking so early as my first one ,he was more vocal by six months !!
it is nice when they start talking i think that is the cutest age !!!
all the best !!!
MY eldests first real world (aside from mum and dad etc) was Bottle, and he said it int he middle of a temper tantrum. His next one after that that he masters was Stuck!!!!

it became a swear word in our house LOL i was sooo sick of hearing it after the first week because he was always getting stuck or something else was grin

The Youngest first word was tyler (her eldest bothers name) and i cant quiet remember what Zachs first word was but i think it might have been tyler too.

Mind you this is the boy who shows no interest in his sibblings until they are big enough to play withy him grin

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

Hello all,
My little girls fist word was Mum (he he he!!) She said it at about 5 1/2 months.
The second was Bub, then Dad. Now she says Hello, which is all ways accompanied by a wave of her hand!!

julia, tas, 8mth baby

ittle girls is 11months old now. she said her 1st word at 6months and it was mumma. she now says words like mum, dad, bubba, dog , lexi(our dogs name) nana , pop, lala(my sister is called carla and she calls her lala)ouchie etc etc
it's really cute watching her trying to say new words and copy what i'm saying

19yr old 1st time mummy to ava born jan 7th 2004

Lochie's first word was dad at five months. He then said nana at six months then two days later I got mamma. He will be one next week and says many things now and is even starting to put two words together like 'in there' and 'mammas eyes' (when he touches my eyes). I am amazed by him every day and love it when he learns new words as he is a real parrot copying things other people say. I also love that there are certain words he can't say properly and I am the only one who knows what he is saying!!

My babies are all grown up sad

My little man said Mum for the first time on 13th November. He was born on 3rd May. It was lucky that his Dad was there to hear it because the next day he said Dad and if he wasn't there he would have disagreed with me!!!

Alicia and Zackari

Ooh, how exciting I thought that babies started much later then that. Heaps of your babies are 6 months and even earlier! I will be keeping a close ear out from now on.. Thanks for the posts everyone.

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

My little man started coming out with 'Ma-Ma' at 6 months then followed by 'Ba-Ba' soon after. He is now 9 months & can say 'Mum', 'Baa' 'Da-Da', 'Naa' & 'Taa' - he is a real little chatter box.

Naomi, WA ~ DS 5yrs ~ DS 14months

Well the average age is 5 months...,
my little boy was saying "mum" at 3 and a half months it all depends on the baby.
My sisiters kids spoke at 4 1\2 and 6 months so you can see how they all differ.

Rochelle, mother of 2

Sahra's Mum

My daughters first words were dada dada at around 6 months. It was very exciting but sad as well i would have loved to hear mama first.

She accidently blurted it out and continued, I think due to my reaction.

She is nearly one now and very good at repeating.

Mama is only called out when she is upset.

Baby is called out when she awakens.

Tahlia now at 11months even trys counting to five thats because whenever I make her formula I always count out the scoops and she loves it.

Its very exciting can't wait for tomorrow to she what she will come up with next

Aneta,VIC, Tahlia 25/12/03 Tiyana 05/12/05

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