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Hi there,

I am a bit worried as my lovely little girl is 5months old on the 10th of august adn she has not yet rolled over? She has once yesterday gone from her back to tummy but only once and it may have been a fluke i think. Does this mean she is not developing proberly. Also i have started her on one meal of solids a day how much should i be giving her because she is always looking for more?

Sophie's Mum

Hi Kellie
I wouldn't worry to much about your little one not rolling over just yet me little man is 5 1/2 months and he isn't rolling yet he is starting to try very hard though. I honestly wouldn't be giving her anymore then 1 solid meal a day at her age...Emma

Emma 19, Bailey Matthew 16/02/2006

Hey there,
All babies develop differently and at different times. You may find your bub takes a little longer to roll over, but may go from there to sitting, crawling etc very quickly. As for solids, go with what you think is right. You know your bub and if you feel she needs more then try her with another small meal and see if she takes it. All babies are different with this too, some start solids as young as 4 months and others not until 6 months or more.
Good luck,

Hi Kellie,

My baby is 5months on the 5th of August and still isn't rolling. She is sitting up really well and has great balanceShe is my 4th child l am not worried, they do things in their own time. I don't get worried if they start doing things at late because once they get going there's no stopping them. It's nice to have them babys as long as possible. My bubs is only on one solid a day but if your bubs wants more then try if she doesn't want it she'll let you know.

Narelle, NSW,

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