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i'm a newbie Lock Rss

my name is Tamara i live in WA i have 3 kids Drake 51/2 yrs Eshana 3yrs and Owen 6months 3 1/2wks but 4months 3 wks corrected.
Owen was born at 31 weeks my other two well drake was full term andEshana was 38wks 5 days natural breech spent 10 days in PMH in perth had stage 2 HIE ( bleeding on the brain)
Drake at the moment his milestones are that he is loving going to school he is just learning how to read which is great & i am so proud of him.
Eshana was learning gymnastics but we stopped it as a lot of the new kids this term have been pushin the otha kids around & nothing ever was done. So other then that she is going to physio to have her feet checked as her left one rolls in & she may need to have foot inserts.
Owen well he is sick at the moment with bronchitis and a chest infection. He is on his third medicine in the past month as none are working.
He surprised us by rollin from his back to his front
for the first time YAY getting there slowly we are doing baby yoga on him to strengthen his muscles up cause he doesnt have much muscle tone & can only hold his head up for a few seconds still.
We are teaching him to sit up now. He nnow weighs 5kgs 700gms which is a huge jump since the 27th January this yr as he was 1kg 620gms at birth he was 42cms long but now 61 1/2 cms. Well i better go or else i will be her forever. bye


hi tamara.. my name is elyse. i live in victoria. wow, seems like u got your hands full there...sounds like your doing a very good job with your kids.. congrats.. i have 1 kid, he is almost 6 1/2 months old, his name is hayden.. damn teething is making him very grumpy..he has been rolling from back to stomach for a couple of months now, but he cant roll back onto his back, but he is very determined to crawl..
i am 20, and am now a single parent..been a single parent for about 3 months now..which i hope was the right decision.. my partner was a drunk, violent towards me, never helped with hayden( when he was home)..and i had had enough, i didnt want hayden to grow up with that sorta stuff in his life...but i hope i have made the right decision about it all.
sometimes i just dont know.. anyway..hope all goes well with your kids..seeya

elyse, vic, hayden

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