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Sitting Up Rss

My daughter is 8 months old and although she can sit up by herself, she does'nt seem to want to or like to. She just purposely tips herself over or if you hold her hands she pulls herself onto her feet. She has been commando style crawling for about three weeks and gets up on her hands and knees and rocks. Any other babies that don't want to sit and play.

Mum to Amber 21/05/04

Hi SJP, my daughter is nearly 7 months and has only just started fully crawling forward fast. The minute she started, all she wants to do is hold onto stuff and stand up! She is not interested in sitting still at all! Your bub sounds like she enjoys being on the go as well. They are all so different arent they!?

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

some babies get frustrated and want to do more than their bodies allow, its a hard time keeping them entertained.

My daughter is 11.5 months and she doesn't like sitting. She has never gotten herself into the sitting position, and if you put her there she'll just crawl off. She pulls herself up to a kneeling position and is happy like that.
My daughter is 12 months old, and doesn't like sitting - she was 11.5 months before we could even get her to sit in her pram, or high chair. If we try to place her in a sitting position she just arches her back until she is lying down. She can commando style crawl, but can not yet stand - even holding on. We have just started physiotherapy with her - and they say she can sit, as she has the muscle development, she just doesn't want to, so needs to be encouraged to sit. They have suggested some exercises for her to do - really playing with her in ways that will encourage sitting, and get her used to it. They have told us we need to get her to sit, before we start worrying about getting her to stand.
If you are concerned about your child I suggest talking to your child health nurse, and see what they say, and don't let them brush off your concerns as nothing. I'm sure that my child will eventually get there on her own, but figure that the mild physio she is getting can't hurt, and may help.

mum to 2 girls

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