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playgroups?? Lock Rss

I am a 22yr old mum of a 11week old boy. I am just wondering where do you find out about playgroups, and when is the best time to start going to one?? I am getting very tired of being home alone!!

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

Have a look at the website

Enjoy !

Angela, Sydney, Lucy born 06/09/03

Hi it all depends on which state you live in as each state is different to each other. There are many private centre's that you can place your child for half days and full days. Pay group are usually run by your local kindy centre and some times they are only one day a week to which you stay there with the child. In SA you can start your child at a 3yr old kindy up until they are 5yrs then they start school. So you can check with your local council as to where your local play group is or look up in the phone book for your nearest child minding centre. I put my twins in a private child care centre at the age of 2 1/2 yrs one day a week to socialize with other children and it done them wonders. There are so many places around and just make sure you check them out and feel very comfortable in leaving your child there.
This is based on what happens in SA and hope this was abit of help for you.

Hi dais_y81

We moved to a tiny mining town 12 months ago, and I knew not a sole. At our shops we have a general community notice board, this is where I found a notice about our town's playgroup sessions. Playgroup is the best thing I've ever done. I have made so many friends, everyone is on the same boat, there are plenty of people willing to offer support for any problems you may be having, it gets you out of the house with some adults, and it is a great chance for your little ones to socialise no matter what age they are. I suggest you try your general community noticeboard, if you have one, or ring your local library or council. They maybe able to help. Our playgroup is held at the library here, because we are in a small town. Hope you find your local playgroup, and meet heaps of wonderful new friends. I know I did, and it opens up a whole new life for yourself.

Qld, Jayme 8 1/2yr boy, Kate 2yr girl

My DS and I just started mother's group yesterday. It was organised by our local Maternal and Child Health Centre. So perhaps you could try your local MCHC for some direction?
Hi dais-y81,
I am a 24yr old mum of a 11 week old boy myself and was wondering the same thing.....
I am also goin a little stir crazy looking at the four same walls lol.......
Anytime you want to chat email me smile
[email protected]
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