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Eye colour?? Lock Rss

Well Ben has green/blue eyes and I have brown eyes. Personally, I've always liked my eyes.. our son had big bambi eyes and they were black and incredible, much darker than mine, and now my daughter has light blue eyes but I don't really care if they change, I'm just happy that she's healthy.


i'm not sure if it is true or not but i heard that when u stop breastfeeding then their eye colour will change !! as i said i'm not sure if this true but with my first son it was because he was born with dark blue eyes and when i stopped breastfeeding him at six months it changed to brown !! it might just been a coincidence but you never know !!! my baby has light blue eyes and it stayed the same when i stopped breastfeding him !!! so who knows !!!
ok i stop talking gibberish !!!!!
keep in touch !!!! cya
I believe its by time they are 1 they will have their prem colour. My babys eyes changed colour at 2 months. Hes a brown eyed boy now.

Wow, how cool to be able to see your baby's eye colour change and not really know... as for us... we won't be going through that - well, as long as I'm bearing the children!!!

I am Chinese and my DH is European. He has beautiful green/blue eyes and I always hoped that it would mean our chn had light brown eyes but with Brayden... his eyes are still quite dark. He was born with a lighter shade of brown (they darkened quite quickly) and I was so happy... but then when we went grocery shopping, someone came up and commented on how beautiful his dark brown eyes are (doh!)... ah well. He is healthy and beautiful and those dark soulful eyes are growing on me so I love them all the same.

I do say to my DH, you'll never have blue eyed babies... at least according to what I've learnt and seen... it won't happen... who knows?!

Brayden's hair is a lightish brown as my DH is blond... so perhaps his genes are stronger in that department?? I don't know. I didn't take Biology at school... hee hee

Interesting topic - thanks!

Bye for now.

if the mum is blue eyed - bb
if the dad is brown eyed - BB
then all the children will be brown eyed because brown (cool is dominant

My eyes are brown and DH's are blue and all 3 kids got blue eyes not brown!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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