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10 month old - Toddler Fracture Lock Rss

On Friday, my son was standing up holding onto the lounge, and he let go with one hand thinking he could balance but his body spun around and all his weight lodged his foot the floor and I heard a crack - similar to the noise your knuckle makes when you crack it - I thought he'd sprained his ankle, but with a lack of swelling after icing it and no movement with his leg - which usually are on the go all the time - I took him to the children's hospital and had it X-Rayed, and there was a fracture on the shin. I was stunned and then felt sick because I heard it crack. The Doctor told me it was common because their bones are still soft. Has this happened to anyone else?

Amanda, Brisbane, 10mth baby boy

Hi no it hasn't happened to me but how is he does he have it plaster? Dont feel bad as some things do happen. I hope every thing goes well for you and bubs.

Di. SA
It hasnt happened to us but our boy is only 16 wks (not quite running around yet). I am dreading the day something happens (Im hoping he doesnt take after his uncle tho! My mum was forever rushing him off to the doctors for one thing or another!). I feel awful just from the thought of it so I can only imagine what you feel. Dont feel bad though, it isnt your fault at all. Babies are bound to have accidents as they are so adventurous and are yet to learn their boundaries. This is really all part of the learning process for them.

I hope you are both doing better soon!
Thanks for the messages...he was put in plaster with the leg in the crawling position, but the plaster went up to his thigh. We went to the Fracture clinic on the Wednesday (last week) and he had it re-xrayed and there was no fracture this time...he had the cast on for 5 days. He is back to normal like nothing happened, so I'm happy.

Amanda, Brisbane, 10mth baby boy

I'm glad to hear that all is ok. Its true how they bounce back.

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