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what to buy for xmas Lock Rss

My baby will be 7months at xmas time and me and my partner have no idea what to get her? We are totally blank. Does any1 have any ideas???
our son will be nearly 8 months at xmas.. we have laybuyed an Elmo TMX for him. it says on the box 18+ months... but we are getting it anyway tongue

i doint think you need to go all out and spend heaps, at 7 months she'd have no clue what xmas is

Harley's Mum - April 2006

Hi Chantel! My son is 6 and a half months and I find that he loves playing with the Fisher Price Incrediblock or the other great thing we bought the other day was the Playgro Activity Table. It's the one where you have a pig, cow, duck and rooster and when you put them in the middle they make their own sounds. It also has heaps of other noises when the baby touches stuff. What about a jolly jumper? My son also LOVES his! Seeing you live in Qld like us maybe a ring for the pool that he can sit in. Some come with a hood so that you can swim with them and they can play in the water. If she is sitting up you could buy a cheap inflatable pool and then fill it with coloured balls that she can throw up in the air. Just a few suggestions. Hope this helps a little. 'Cil x

Cil, Samuel born Apr 06

Hi Chans - my baby girl is 7 months now so here are some things that she loves at the moment - Fisher Price xylophone/piano (or other musical instruments), sorting blocks and cause and effect toys where they press a button and something pops up.
A paddle pool or pool ring is also a great idea as mentioned already. Of course books are always recommended and she loves the Peekaboo books by DK (on the huggies bookclub website) and Thats Not My Teddy.
Hope that helps!
hey chantal,
were getting jett a lot of stuff that makes noise!! he loves to bang and tap and play with anything that makes noise.
we're going to be getting him a set of little bongo drums... they say not recomended for under 3 yrs but, if he doesnt have the drum sticks, i dont see why he couldnt have them...
good luck. xmas is just around the corner....
jetts b'day is on xmas eve.... very xpensive 2 days i recon


Hi Chantal,

We are a bit boring but seeing as Lachie will have no clue about Christmas we are buying him a fisher price learning puppy and have already got him a winnie the pooh book that you can move the honey pots along the top of the book along with the rhymes. We are waiting for the Kmart sale at the beginning of November as they think they will get some more learning puppies then (Fingers crossed)

We are real book people A lot of teachers in our family!!!Lol) Our Bailey loves to read, well be read too, so I guess it has paid off.
I love the idea of the pool with the balls!

Before we decided on the learning puppy we had no idea, so what I did one night was do a google search for toys suitable for 6 to 9 month olds. Maybe that will help too.
Good luck and have a great Christmas.

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

hello there am in the same boat as you i dont know what to buy my daughter is 5 months old i think clothes and a soft toy for her plus ive got 2 othere kids 4 yrs 2 yrs old as well its geting to hard now as there get older my parents give my kids money every year and 2 toys each i cant wait till xmas time i di my house in and out side with lights and santa everywhere cant wait for that its so fun to see the kids facers let me know how you go
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