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sleeping and settling Lock Rss

Hi I'm a new member I would like some help my daughter of 7 months won't settle in her cot of a nite time. We have just sold our house and Ashlyn and myself are staying with my parents and hubby staying at new house. As unclean for bub, she is teething as well. As soon as I go to put her in the cot she screams but if I lay her on the bed she will stay asleep. What can I do?
We've only just started putting our son in his cot of a night time on Friday (was in a bassinet in our room). But we made the transision easier by putting him in there during the day first. He also has a nightlite which we turn off once he has gone to sleep. Also, your baby may be feeling stressed at the moment. With everything going on (teething, moving, new environment etc) she may be unsettled and needs some reassurance. When you lay her on the bed, I assume that is YOUR bed you are talking about? Perhaps your scent eases her fears? You could try putting a tshirt or similar that you have worn in her cot to try to sooth her with your scent (make sure she wont get tangled...perhaps tie it to the side of her cot?)

I'm not an expert but just some suggestions. I hope things settle down for you soon!
Hi Mish,
I've got a 9 month old daughter, Madison, and she started doing the same thing around that age. As hard as it was, I just started leaving her there and walking away for a few minutes. Then i'd go back and talk to her for a minute and give her a hug then put her down and walk away again. Each time I did it I'd stay away a little longer. Her cry started to change to that "hey come and get me" and then she stopped and went to sleep. Even now when I put her in the cot she will still sometimes cry for a minute until she hears that I've really walked away. It won't happen in a day, you need to be persistant and it should work within 4-7 days.

Good luck
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