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what is your baby doing at 5 1/2 months Rss

Just wondering what other babies are doing? my dd can roll onto her tummy from her back but isnt very sure how to roll back onto her back. She's just started solids so she's on breakfest and early dinner and she still having 5 bottles of 220ml and she goes to bed at 6.30 and sleeps till 5.30am. So just wondering if this is normal??
Hi - My Lily was born 01/06/06 and like yr dd is doing new things the moment she can roll from back to stomach and sometimes back again. Was trying to give her tummy time last week and she rolled onto her back three times. She found her feet a few weeks ago and loves holding them or sucking on her toes. She is constantly either kicking or holding her legs out straight and tense - don't know why but she seems to enjoy it. Not started solids yet, comm nurse told me to wait til 6 months as breast milk bit weak, so need to try to build back up again before adding solids. She has 5-6 breastfeeds a day. Up around 6.30-7am, has a morning nap, 2-3 hour lunchtime sleep, arvo nap and in bed around 7.30-8 pm. She sleeps til about 3am, feeds then sleeps from about 4 til 6.30-7am again. Hard to know what normal is we have 7 babies in our playgroup and they are all so different with feeding/sleeping etc. As long as your dd is thriving, then all is good. Aren't they just the most joyous thing to have in your life....

Kayleen, NSW, Lily june 06

Hi chans

My DS sounds pretty similar, although he is having 4 bottles of 240mls a day. He is on veggies for lunch and farex mixed with fruit puree for dinner, has 3 sleeps a day and is sleeping from 7pm to 6am/6.30ish (which is awesome, it's only just been like this since he's been on solids). He too can roll from back to tummy, but not the other way, but he seems to be able to go for quite a long time on his tummy now, maybe 15-20 mins? He also LOVES to stand up while we are holding him. He also likes to sit up, but we have to be ready to catch him as he topples over a lot, but hopefully he'll get the hang of sitting soon. We think he's started to say dada, but he only says it quietly.

I'm loving this age!

One year old - Victoria

how there my daughter is 5 months now eat soild feed laugh all the time starting to crawel and siting to sit up shes on 6 bottles still goes to bed at 8.30 and wakes up about 8 to 8.30 in the morning its good have got a good baby and happy one to hope to chat to you soon lisa
hey, jess is only just 5 months and loves rolling...i had her on a rug the other day and i went to get a drink but when i came back she was on the other side of the lounge room almost under the lounge. dont leave her on the floor alone any more..havent baby proofed house yet lol
she is having 3 solid meals a day. loves all flavours of fruit, only likes pumpkin and sweet corn veg.
however she is only having 150ml bottles. is this too little? she just wont drink anymore ( this is why i put her on solids to start with. )
she loves rasberries under her arms..laughs very loudly. she also loves playing with her toys and our faces. also loves tv.
cant wait till she is doing more. love seeing her do new things.
Hi Chantal,

My bub was also born on 31 May!!! We have only just started solids a week ago. Farex, in the morning and just introduced it to the afternoon as well. She is doing really well with it and I will probably introduce some new foods soon. Maybe pear or apple?? She rolled from her tummy to her back a few times a couple of weeks ago, but hasn't really done it since!!! Tries really hard to roll from back to tummy but hasn't got it yet either. Oh well, I guess she'll do it when she's ready. She has 2 big brothers who get things for her and are in her face all the time too!! She is breastfed and has around 5 breastfeeds a day. What time of day was your little one born? My Natasha was born at 12:21pm after an 8 hr labour. Hope all is going well.
G'day Guys, gee there a lot of us with Bubba's born on the 31/05/06 or really close to it, my little man is Fully breastfed and we have just started on solids once a day, you can't keep him on his back , once I put him down he is straight over which makes changing nappies interesting, he has also found his feet and loves to grab and hold things and EVERYTHING goes in the mouth if he can, he is also laughing or smiling all the time and loves being tickled or played with, he also tells us big sories all the time. Zach's day is usually 7.30-8am wakeup, booby, nappy change, then bed just after 9, then has a catnap for about an hour, then the B,N,P and then bed again generally for about 3hrs, then he has lttle catnaps righ up to and after Dinner/Bath time then by about 9-9.30pm he has booby then bed, then is now only waking once a night generally about 3am. Sorry for the long post!

hi my baby was born on the 20th may is almost six months but she can sit on her own, clap her hands, put her feet in her mouth and i recently bought her a walker she moves to the sides. i have started her on solids too just not sure on how much i ought to g ivee her any suggestion? much appreciated by

Kathy, nsw, 6 month old baby

Mine is also the same like yours, Chantal. She can roll to her tummy everytime I put her down on her back, but she cant roll back to her back. Sometimes she gets angry cos she cant roll back...

I think every baby's development is different and as long as they are feeding and playing and happy, they are OK.
Has yours teething yet?
I think my dd is teething but not sure, cos she keeps putting her fingers in the mouth and I can see a white shadow in her gum but no teeth coming out. Does it take quite a while for it to come out? anybody know?


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