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weird arm joints Lock Rss

my child is 6 months old and his arms look like they can bend backwards and at the shoulders. when you pick him up i freak out because his arm is almost twisted all the way around. has anyone had this with their child?

jayden, qld, 1 yr boy

Neither of my children have arm joints like your little one but it does sound as if your baby might be double jointed. Have you been to see a doctor? My wrists, ankles and knees creak and crack when I turn them and my hips can be bop out of place ( not that I ever do this ) but the doctors have all said my bones are stronger than average but they do get sore quite easily. If your baby isnt crying when his arm do go back then I really believe he is double jointed but do get it checked out. Hope everything turns out ok and let us knoe if it does!
thank you for that, i did find out that he was double jointed and the doctor said that it was completely normal, i just felt a little helpless as it seemed very weird to me. thank you for that.

jayden, qld, 1 yr boy

I am so glad to hear that all is well and that he is healthy. Good luck and thanks for letting me know.
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