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Bassinet Kicking Lock Rss

I have a 19 week old son who if I put to bed not totally tired he thrashers around in his bassient for some time unwrapping himself along the way. It takes him ages to settle and sleep or I have to take him out because he is so awake and start the whole process again. Does anyone have suggestions as to WHY he carries on like this?

Jungle baby

I have a 19 week old son as well, and if I put him in his cot and he wakes, he does the same thing, he is rolling over alot now so I think he is trying different things in different places, I know that usually when he kicks and stuff, is because he has a pain in the belly, so he is to hot in what he is wearing or if he has kicked the sheet off and he is cold, but having a baby is all trial and error, so that might help.
Good Luck.
When my daughter was younger she did similar things until I realised as she was born in winter she was use to going to sleep with the sound of our fan
heater. Then I put a radio in the room turned down to a murmor this helped.

Good Luck.
Our little boy 11 1/2 months used to do the same thing, we eventually worked out that he didn't like his feet being covered by his wrap. Once we freed his legs he was happy. Then at about 7 months he started again, this time it turned out to be two things one he wanted to sleep on his side and or stomach the other he didn't want to be wrapped anymore. I know that it is recommended not allowing tummy or side sleeping but after struggling to get him to sleep on his back we eventually let him have his way, and we got a full nights sleep.
Happy Parenting!!

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Since my baby was 2 months old she has slept on her tummy. I thought that as she has a strong neck, she should be fine. She is know 3 1/2 months and is a great sleeper on her tummy.

I had thoughts of not allowing this as well, I used to turn her onto her back after she got to sleep. She is fine, it makes it easy to settle when you can pat there bottom as well.

Lee,QLD,18/12/02 baby girl 26/09/05 baby boy

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