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My baby is 8 1/2 months and she is still not crawling. My partner said it was my fault because I don't put her on her stomache. I used to give her tummy time but she kept crying - she hates being on her belly, She will stand up leaning on something and takes little steps when we hold her, Would it be true that because I dont put her on her belly that I have made her miss this development?


Lisa, Qld, Mum to be

tell your hubby to shut up, its so not your fault at all. all bubs do things at their own pace. you have not done anything wrong, my bub hated being on his tummy too he was crawling by 6.5 months and hes just started walking at 9.5 months. but my daughter was so differant she didnt crawl till 9 months and then walk a few weeks later. you bub will get there when shes ready.


hi there tamba i hope you are not blaming youreself because you shouldnt and youre hubby souldnt be blaming anyboady ether every baby is uniqe in their own way and specail things like sitting up and crawling take time my little girl krystal didnt start crawling untill the other day and shes ten months old and no its not because you didnt put her on her belly that shes not crawling good on you for not putting her on her belly if she didnt like it i know my one never liked it ether so i never put her on her belly :)you are a good mum youre little honey will start crawling in her own time untill then enjoy.. take care hope to hear how things are going for

katrina and krystal 3 in june

Hi Lisa,

That is wrong to blame you that she isn't crawling. Just as the previous mum said. Every baby is unique and do things in their own time. It might even be that she doesn't want to crawl and will eventually just start walking. I know my brother & sister-in-law (all grown up now with their own child) didn't crawl at all they eventually just stood up and walked. Just keep enjoying every little cute things your daughter does and ignore the negative comments.


Shannon, NSW, mum to Corban (14.9.04)

My nephew didnt even crawl. He refused. he was always tryna walk from about 6 or 7 mnths. Mum tried to put him down sometimes for fear he would really hurt himself and she wasnt sure if it was good 4 his legs but he cracked up and got right bak up. Your bubs may not even crawl and wanna walk right away. if thats the case, i think thats great. I think it will mean shes very dependant on herself.
Give it time your cyhild isnt doomed to roll around for ever.
Ignore your hubby. just agree with him make him feel touhg and right (we all know they are always wrong but like to feel right) give him the benefit of the doubt and say well least i Know for the next one. hehe
it wll shut him up (I hope)

mum to bayden 25/02/05

I really would not worry! My daughter who was a perfectly health happy baby did not start crawling until 11 months and then didn't start walking until she was nearly 14 months.

She was busy working on other developmental things. She had no interest in crawling early - despite me trying everything. She's 3 now and is quite advanced for her age with her logical thinking and speech.

Some people are so hooked on 'ideal' times for children doing things - and if your baby is not crawling/walking by a certain age there must be something wrong.

I'll admit it was nice that Caitlin didn't start crawling until later. It gave me a few more months of not having to watch her every second of the day. Because once their crawling, that's it. You can't put them down leave them for a few seconds and expect to come back and find them in the same place.

Rere, NZ, mum of three

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