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not crawling yet Lock Rss

My little princess is almost 10 months old and only now is she showing signs of interest in crawling, she has been sitting since 6 months and loves it. She is getting very frustrated, we go to Gymboree and Swimming and she has a lot of tummy time.
I'm not at all concerned, but I would love to hear of anyone else in the same boat.

Kelly,Qld,9 1/2month old girl

My 2nd son only decided to start crawling at christmas (9 months). I was a little concerned to start with, as my first son was standing at that age. But I got over that as every baby is different. He is only just starting to pull himself up on things and he's one next week.

He shows real interest when he sees his brother running around and wants to follow but being a bigger baby there's a lot of weight for him to carry. Sometimes he does get frustrated, even the eldest one does as he wants his brother to chase him smile. I know that he'll get there eventually, but not as soon as I would like it to be smile

I started my kids crawling by putting one of their favourite toys just out of reach so they would have to work at getting it and when they were nearly there I would move it again. That seemed to work fine with my kids, perhaps you could try that.
Hi my little boy had started to roll onto his tummy when he was 3 1/2 - 4 mths, sat up by himself at 6 mths. To me he seemed to be doing everything really early until it came to crawling. He started to crawl at 9 1/2 mths and that was the commando style. He has just recently realised that he can crawl normally and it is much faster. But that was mine and Dad's fault because we used a walker. The Health Clinic Nurses told us not to but our son loved being in it and I didn't mind that he wasn't crawling at an early age. I didn't want my baby growing up to fast, because he is only young once. At least that way he would be depending on me a little longer - I love it.
My son did not crawl. He sometimes dragged himself around on his tummy from about 11 months. He just got up and started walking at about 13 months. A friend of mines daughter just sat on her bum until she was 15 months then one day her mum turned around and she was walking!
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