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How much wake time in the day? Lock Rss

This does indeed seem to be a really silly concern but my 3 and 1/2 month old seems to only last 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 at the most between his daytime sleeps. I just query this as in some books i read it says at his age they could last up to 3 hours!!!!.

Liz,Mum To Sam 09/01/05


Up until my baby was about 5 months she used to last about 2 hours before needing another sleep. Abby is now 12 months and can go about 3 - 3.5 hours before a sleep - she has two sleeps a day now. I'd just go with what your baby is telling you!

Kind Regards

Alison, Vic, Abby 2.5 yrs, Poppy 5 mths

thankyou so much for your reply. that makes me feel so much more confident!. By the way i love the name Abby. Is it short for Abigail?.

Liz,Mum To Sam 09/01/05

My baby boy usually lasts between 1 1/2 to 2 hours, before needing a sleep he is nearly 5 months, sometimes in the morning he may only last an hour awake. I think this is normal. I just go by the tired signs.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

hi mm bub is 10 months and has 2-3 sleeps in a day, i wouldnt worry sleeps good for them.


My baby is 3 months old and doesn't like to sleep during the day. If he does go to sleep it is only for about 3 hours at the most.
He use to sleep alot but doesnt anymore.
My son is just about 8 months and still has 2 sleeps during the day, lasting anywhere between 2 and 3 hours each. he only stays awake for an hour in the morning (just enough time for a nappy change, some weet-bix, some sesame street and a bottle). My parter recently asked if he was sleeping too much, but after reading everyone's posts, i realise he is pretty normal. thanx everyone!!!

'~ Jordan ~ Sept 04 ~'

My son is just over 7 months and he's still doing the 2 - 3 hours awake, 2 hours asleep - and he sleeps around 11 hours straight through at night. He's averaging around 17 hours sleep a day.

I know people say he should have more awake time. But he's a happy and content little one. I know that when his bed time is approaching, he gets really happy, but then after about 1/2 an hour he gets tired really quickly. That's when I put him to bed - otherwise I miss my window of opportunity and end up with a grumpy overtired little man who won't go to sleep.

I know when he's ready, he'll stay awake a bit longer.

Rere, NZ, mum of three

Hi Liz,
I was so happy to see you raised this question as I was thinking the same thing myself. My little girl Abbi is now just turned 4 months old and she is now only awake between 45 mins to 1 hour before needing another sleep - sometimes she wakes an hour before her next feed is due and she still cant last the distance and has a nap before..... worry when they dont sleep and worry when they do. My nurse just said if they are happy when awake and feeding well there is nothing to worry about.
I think we sometimes read too many books, I find them contradictive do you??
Well take care
Abbis Mum.
my daughter is about 9months old and she has 2 sleeps a day being 2-3 hours for each sleep and is up 3-4hours in between each sleep then is down for 10-11 hours per night. I think it really depends on the child as my older daughter was not like this at all at that age. go with what your baby wants.

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

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