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I have a lil crawler! Lock Rss

My baby boy is all grown up!
Joshua, now 8 months has recently started crawling. I didnt think he ever would cause he bum shuffeled around the house for ages, but now he is up on all fours zooming around, into everything. He oulls himself up on things and falls down! He broke the blind, pulled the dvd player off shelf! Time to baby proof!
Where did my little bub go? Doesnt seem so long ago he would just lay there!

Dp: Danny: 30/10/82, Ds: Joshua: 25/03/03

My Boy is 6.5 months old and has just started in the last week to crawl and pull himself up! Just a little exciting! Haven't had anything broken yet but am sure it's just a matter of time! Have to agree though, since crawling started, I kinda miss the immobile young newborn I brought home those few months ago - but also looking forward to the next step - walking!
Kerry, mum to James 6 months
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