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I don't like these posts but it's interesting to know.... Lock Rss

Hey there,

I dislike the posts about what your bub is doing at such and such age, as I feel it makes others feel bad if your bub is doing great, but I still find it interesting nonetheless.

So what are most 12 month old bubs doing at this stage?

Ashton started walking at 11 months and is now running around. He says only a few words such as 'mama', 'daddy', 'doog' (for dog!), 'nanna', 'ooh' if he falls down, and 'nana' for banana. He is very vocal and copies almost any sound I make.

How are the other 1 year olds doing? And please, anyone who feels this post is discriminating against some bubs, let me know! Take care all. xox

My 12 month old (Dec 8th) is not walking. He crawled at 9.5 months and doesn't seem interested in walking at this stage. He does pull himself up on furniture though and walks around it.

He doesn't say anything except mum and dad and he makes cute noises when we cuddle him.

He does some cute stuff like picks up a phone and puts it my his ear and babbles as though he is talking.

He has 6 teeth (two bottom, 4 top)

Sleeps well with two naps a day and from 7:30 till 6:30 everynight.

Eats well. No bottles or breast feeding, just cows milk from a cup now.


Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

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