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Is your 9 month old crawling yet??? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

Just curious on what other 9 monthers are currently doing?

Isiah isnt crawling yet, though he has started to show a few signs that it may not be far off in the past couple of days!

He can clap hands to his fave sing songs, shake his head when he doesnt want something(or maybe just being cheeky!),he says mumma,bubba,dadda and a few other indistinguishable words!

Love to hear from you smile

Boms mummy

Hi there, my little girl is almost 10 months old and isn't crawling yet....hopefully she will soon. Although she sits on her own and will reach for something that is out of her reach and she usually gets it by shuffling her bum a little. She also claps her hands an waves bye-bye, aren't they just gorgeous when they do this?

My DD was crawling by 6mth, starting to walk around objects by 7 mth and is standing by herself at 9mths. I wish she was still sometimes. smile

Your are so lucky if your child is not crawling yet because at least they stay put where you put them, and don't get into trouble.

All the best
Hi, My daughter is nearly 10mths.
She sat by herself at 7mths and crawled at 9mths.
She is starting to pull her self up on the furniture.
She also got her first tooth at 9mths and a second is coming up now.

She can clap hands, wave bye bye. says mummum, da da, bub bub, gillie (dog's name).
She also bobs up and down to music, it's very cute!
Saxon is 9mths he will be 10mths on the 24th of this month and has been walking for two weeks now.

PM Me For a link to an awesome site

By the time my daughter was 9 months old she was already sitting up, putting herself up and she was crawling around the house and than by the time she was 12 months old she was walking around.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi again everyone!

Just thought id check up on all your bubs and see if anyone has started moving yet??

Isiah still not, he has kind of worked out how to just stretch out for things and if he topples over how to get back up on his own. Quite amusing to watch! LOL! Very frustrating for him though.

He can hold his own weight very well now whilst holding onto something though! He is now 10 months and 2 days!

Boms mummy

Hi again mummies!

Guess what??? Im soooo excited, my lil boy is finally on the move! I wouldnt exactly describe it as crawling, more like a crab/monkey walk! LOL!

He has worked out he can move after his favourite ball when it runs away from him by pushing up onto his feet and hands and scrambling after it. He tends to go sideways more often than straight though. Very amusing to watch! hehe!

Oh yeah, and a new word for the vocab is 'ning ning' lovingly refering to nanna!

I tell you I had really nearly given up hope! But he has proven me wrong.

Anyway, Id love to be kept up to date with everyone elses bubs! Hope they are all well and healthy.

Boms mummy

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