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walking??? Lock Rss

Hi to everyone,

My name is Rachel and I have a 13 1/2 month old son ( Brayden ) well he is not walking yet but he will walk if u hold him and when he holds on to things like the coffie table and the lounge...
I was wanting to know if anyone here has had the same thing with there babys...

Rachel & Brayden.

~Rachel & Brayden~

Hi Rachael,

I'm told that each baby walks when they are ready. My boys are not walking yet but like Brayden, will walk if you hold their hand and they can push their car's etc...

I wouldn't worry about him not yet walking. I'm in no rush for my boys to walk as I think my days will get even busier with "walker's" to chase around. Enjoy this time now before Brayden is fully mobile.

Naomi, QLD, Twin boys born Sept 2002

Hi Rachel & Brayden,

I know that my situation is different because I have a girl. She crawled at 9 months... got bored with that, cruised around the furniture at 10 months... got bored with that, at 11 months she took her first unassisted steps and at 11 1/2 months began walking. She has only been walking for 2 weeks, but can't stay still. Enjoy your son's lack of mobility and remember he will probably take those steps when you least expect it. Sit back, relax and soon enough Brayden will be following you all over the house (even the toilet) just like my precious little girl! smile Michelle
Hi all. Absolutely enjoy the lack of mobility. My son crawled at 6 1/2 months and is now (7 1/2 mo) on his feet using tables, chairs etc to use to walk aound. Its a bit of a nightmare as he's all over the house, even using the poor dog to stand up on! I'd love to be able to put him down and know he would stay there.
Hi Rachel,
My daughter is nearly 13 months old and is the same.
She cruises around furniture and walks if I hold her hand, but isn't confident as yet to take her own steps.
I'm not worried as our CHN said all babies are different and walk when they are ready.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi my nephew was 15 months when he started walking. He was just like your little one, untill one day he was stuck in the pram all day and when he got home he got up and started to run!!

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi Rachel,
Don't be too concerned. If he is walking when you hold his hand and around the furniture, it is just that he is lacking a bit of confidence in letting go and doing it on his own. My daughter got really sick at 12 months old, just as she was starting to take a few unaided steps, and became really weak. She got better, but didn't start walking until 14 months of age. My little was also a late walker. She was 14.5 months old, and my little brother was 15 months. Don't worry, he will get there, then there will be no stopping him, and you will wish you could go back to the days where he would just sit still!!!!

Mother of 3, Qld

G'day Rachel!
My son was walking at 9 months and don't worry about your son not walking on his own yet as believe me when they do it's so much more work and worrying you have to do!! He'll walk when he is ready, in the mean time enjoy the fact that you don't have to worry about a 'walking on his own' little man!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr


Don't worry my son walked at 10.5months & my daughter is 14.5months & doesn't walk. So don't be concerned they all do it when there ready.
So lap it up while it lasts because once he's walking you will regret it.
See Ya
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