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Constipation in bf baby - Chiropractor? Lock Rss


I have a 5 1/2 mths baby and he has been having irreguar bowel movements, the last one being 12 days not having a single output. He is fully breastfeed at the moment.

I have read up and apparently this is still considered normal for a breastfeed baby. However, i think he's not interested in feeding at present and is constantly doing the arching and pooing act but its not successful for him each time. I have tried the brown sugar in water for him 20mls each time for once a day, is this too little for him?

I have heard Chiropractor does help in some ways on babies. Has anyone tried Chiropractic treatment for constipation?

Thanks in advance,
I haven't heard about chiropractors treating constipation, but when I was breast feeding DS I was worried when he hadn't pooed for 3 days, my MCHN said that it is fine for a baby who is breast fed to go 10 days without a bowel motion.

She suggested to me that I eat a pear 30mins before a feed & it should make him have a motion. worked! (very runny though)

So maybe try eating pears??

Good Luck
Happy Pooing!!!!!!
Hi - a chiropractor is great if you go to a good one who has dealt with babies. They can help with colic and all sorts of conditions. Both my girls got to the chiropractor. My 8 month old just had a several bout of constipation. She has been on solids for 2 months and is 100% bf. A trick I found useful was giving baby a small amount of prune juice (just syringe 2mls of so into their mouth) and also eating 2-3 prunes per day yourself. Our first little girl went 9 days without doing a poo when she was only 7 days old - very stressful. They say that it can happen in bf babies but they become so distressed that I don't believe it is 'normal'. Hope this helps. Nic

Nic, ACT, 2 beautiful girls & pregnant again!

Hi there,

One yucky option is for you to drink some prune juice!

We also tried some natural tonic called Infants Friend. You can get it at the chemist and give it to bub with a dropper. It's all natural. Apparently it's great for settling upset tummies, wind and helping keep them regular!

Love to know what you decided to do.
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