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babys development Lock Rss

hi i'm a first time mum and would appreciatle any advice...
my daughter has bad reflux which is contolled by medication to stop the pain, which it does. However my 4 month baby dosn't spend alot of time on her tummy, uncomfortable i suppose, she always rolls onto her back, does any one have any suggestions for encouraging her to crwl or sit up as i've herd this helps the reflux. She is a very happy little girl and i''m loving the whole mother imensley.

michelle, auckland

Hi Michelle,
Congratulations on being a first time mum. Great feeling isn't it. My sister in law had two boys with bad reflux, and they were on medication too. She use to put them into a walker, or jolly jumper, or in a layback high chair. This kept them upright, but also gave them things to do and look at. She is a little young to try to get to sit up or crawl yet, but you could try sitting her up between your legs, with her back against your tummy. This will get her use to sitting, whilst giving her support at the same time. If you would like to chat, you can contact me at [email protected]

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi C's mum, My little boy Bailey has been sitting unsupported since he was 5 months old. I used to sit him in a box/container, with pillows and lots of toys to play with. It's such a simple and enxpensive idea, he loved it, and mostly the toys stayed in the box with him. He also had a rocker with a toy bar, but he grew out of it at about 4 1/2 months.

Mandy, Orange, NSW, 10 mths boy.

thanks for the tips... I tried proping her up in the washing basket (couldn't find big box) with various toys and she loved it, still vomited but i'm used to that.

michelle, auckland

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