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Not sure where to post this so I'm going to plonk it here!

My two kids are having their birthday party and they will be turning 1 and 3 and I was wondering what sort of games to play that would suit both their ages? The other kids will be a mixture of ages from 12mths to 5.

I thought of pass the pacel, but not sure what else.
Any help would be appreciated.
a got 1 i always used to buy was a good old lollies and choc bar hunt. its simple but easy for all the ages. hope that helps
hi chubbubsmum,
for my sons 1st bday,we had guests ranging from 1-7,so i was stumped for ideas too..however,most of the kids clung to their parents for the start of the party,and the rest,they just ran around the backyard,playing together with the cubby and swing set!
we DID play ONE game tho,and that was pass the parcel. everyone got a little prezzy in the end,and they were all happy!

If i wasnt so busy, i was going to have musical chairs (substitute chairs,for cushions on ground for littlies)..and they can have fun running around to music, hi5 or wiggles or sumthing they like!

treasure hunt is good too..with help from a grown read the clues out...but this game takes a bit of imagination and time to hide things!

u could try having a big sheet of paper on the ground,and let them draw with pencils! i know the 1 yr olds mite not find this real exciting,but the bigger kids will love it!

thats all i got for the time being...will post sum more if i think of any..

i got a 1 and 2 year birthday partys this yr myself!

best of luck,


Thanks for your replies.
We had a great party. I just did a parss the parcel and it rained so the kids played in the mud for the No really, they did. they had a ball and the parents thought it was funny too! They all amused themselves quite well.
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