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isn't sitting up Lock Rss

hi, my little girl is 7 months old and she isn't sitting up yet. does anyone have any tips on helping her sit up by herself. i have lots of people telling me that their babys sat up at 6 months. should i be worried?
Hi Lou,
My little one started sitting up at 7 months. I wouldnt worry as everybaby is different. Mind you its hard not to want your baby to do these things.
I encourage my little one to sit by, sitting behind him with my legs out, Because their too wobbly at first. When he got a little better, I would sit him up on the flip out sofa ( fliped out at the time) So there was something supporting him.
Hope this helps a little.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

My daughter started sitting up at around 9 months but it's nothing to worry about. She started pulling herself up and crawling soon after and is now almost walking. I found a v shaped cushion helped (although they're not safe for a baby to be left alone on). It will happen eventually and it does not seem to make any difference to their future development when they reach these milestones as long as they make constant general progress.

Enjoy your little one, they grow up too soon.


Lucy's Mum

My son is seven and a half months. He doesn't sit up yet unless he is supported and i'm not worried, as I feel they grow at their own pace. My other two sat up earlier.


hi well my daughter is 1week off 8 mths and she only sat up alone for the first time today she just came out and done it and she has been sitting up high and mighty all day i think they just do it when they are ready.
Hi Lou, My baby boy has been sitting by himself since he was 5 1/2 months old. I was always putting him in a box/container so he could sit by himself but was still supported. I'd prop him up a little with pillows, and place lots of his toys in the box with him. I used any box that i could find. hope this helps.

Mandy, Orange, NSW, 10 mths boy.

My little girl gave me the best Chrissie present by sitting unsupported on Saturday. She is 4 and a half months and can sit if she has her arms placed on the ground to balance her. I know this is not sitting alone, but it is a start, and she cannot do it for very long.

I have always propped Brianna up in a pillow to watch telly with us, and proppeed her up in her pram to watch us have dinner etc. I often just sat her on my leg and just held her hand or arms to balance her and it has helped i think. I noticed she sat by herself because she planted her arms on the ground on Saturday when i had her just sitting between my legs for support and i felt that she wasn't using me anymore, so i moved and she sat there, only for a couple of minutes but she still did it.

Anyway, i hope those tips help!
thank you for your support, i like to know that i am not alone. the clinic sisters sometimes make you feel terrible if your child isnt sitting up at 6 months. thanks again.

My daughter Ella is 7months next week and isnt sitting up, she's not at all intersted. If i sit her up she just throws herself back or leans forward until she face plants in the ground.... Occassionally if i can get her interested enough in something she'll sit for a minute or so (supported) but other than that she's not intersted.. BUT last week she started getting up on all fours and rocking.. go figure! The child health nurse said not to worry if she crawls first she'll eventually decide to sit. here's hoping hey!!

Keep me posted!

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

well this might sound strange but my son when he not all to enjoying lying down he trys lifting his head off the pillow and amazed how strong he gets in them moods is this the start of learning to sit up?????????
Hello Lou,
My son Lleyton is 4 days off 8 months and is not sitting up yet, where my daughter now 31/2 was sitting up at 6 months. I put it down to not as much floor time as Maddison had as we had no other siblings at the time as we do now and I guess the fact Lleyton had open heart surgery 2 months ago. I was really worried but seems pretty content to lay on his belly and chew everything in site(teething with first tooth) and somehow manages to roll of the floor mat, different child, doing things at different pace, don't worry too much.

BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

Hi Tyrhys,
Its great your son at 3 months is lifting his head, he is a determined little boy.
By lifting his head up he is strengthening his neck muscles in fact everytime he does this he is strengthening those muscles and yes it will all eventually lead up to pushups, rolling, sitting and then crawling ( usually in that order ) It will be a few months before he sits up some babies sit up from 5 months others take a little longer, its up to the baby but by giving your baby plenty of supervised tummy time/floor time you will see how excerise their bodies.


NSW - 1st child baby girl

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