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Pulling himself up Lock Rss

Hi Everyone

My little boy has been pulling himself up on furniture, toys, people & anything you can think off for the last couple of weeks (he is 6 &1/2 months old). He is not crawling properly yet, just commando crawls backwards! He gets into the position of crawling and rocks, but when he goes to go he flops on his belly. Well the reason I am posting is is it unusual for a baby to do this before crawling?

Also I forgot to add he has loved to stand up whenever he can from the time he was born!

mum to Ty and Georgia

Congrat your little man is obviously wonderfully smart. The earliest I have ever heard of walking is nine months, I actually met a mum the other day whose son could stand unassisted since a very early age and at ten months could crawl, sit, stand but still hadnt taken a step yet. My daughter comando'd for almost two months and then one morning just started to crawl and then very quickly started to pull to stand (she is ten months)
Looks like you have one of those tricky ones who is not going to do the norm and hey why should he!!
They all seem to do things but in a different order but from watching to bubs in my mothers group most of who are 2 -3 mths younger all the babies are at around the same milestones yet some will get up on hands and knees and rock some learnt to sit from the crawl position first and some learnt to do the hands and toes only crawl position (like the yoga stretch) Nothing is unusual as long as you keep an eye they dont miss something entirely I guess.


Hi Skye, my little man also pulled himself up to standing before he could crawl. He now stand unaided and can squat then get back up to standing. He runs around the furniture and walks along holding one of my hands but isn't quite confident enough to take the step by himself even though he has hardly ny weight when holding on. He also has loved to stand and when he was not quite 3 months ond I grabbed his hands while he was lying on his mat on the floor and he pulled himself to standing position. All bubs are different!

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

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