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help my 4 month old has all of a sudden become extremely clingy Lock Rss

Hi, my name is amanda and i have a 4 and a half month old son... He used 2 be a real placid baby, he would lie on the floor and play wit his toys or sit in his swing while i cleaned up etc... But all of a sudden in a matter of days he wont let me leave his sight... If i take one step in any directiona away from him he screams... I cant get anything done without having him on my hip... Does anyone have any tips on how i can keep him stimulated without having 2 carry him around all day as he is getting 2 big to do so...

thanks a bunch


Amanda Mummy 2 Seth 1/2/05 & Tianah 14/7/06

You poor thing! It is really very common for babies of his age to start getting clingy. They are only just starting to comprehend separation anxiety. It does pass eventually, but until then you really just need to be firm with him, while giving him extra reassurance. I tell Charlotte "don't worry, Mummy will be back in a second" or "sweetie, when have I ever not come back"and now she is used to hearing that. She associates me saying that with me coming back if you know what I mean.
It's just a natural develpmental process. I had to go to hospital recently and leave Char with my husband and my Mum and it took about a week before I could leave the room without Charlotte screaming uncontrollably.
It's just part of them being mother natures little wonders (or monsters, heehee).
Your Lucky,

My daughter is 5 months and has been clingy since she was 3 weeks old.Wherever I am she has to be there.She does not have to be held but be in viewing point of me.These days I just put her in her walker but when she was 3 months she had to be held.I suggest a walker.Does he have a walker becouse you could put him in that they can usually be used from 3 or 4 months.Good Luck.

My 9 month old is suddenly going through this too.

Sometimes I think it's cute but sometimes it drives me to distraction!!

He can crawl (and fast!) and walk around the furniture, so he doesn't just cry, he crawls/walks over to me and starts to climb up my legs!!

I'm laughing while I type this, because it really is cute and quite funny, but when you've a hundred things to do and he's hanging off your leg it's not quite so funny!

For Louis a lot of things have gone badly recently, including his great sleeping routine, and I put it all down to getting his two top front teeth at the same time. They're through now, but the sleeping is not back to normal's hoping

Louis' Mum, Wgtn, where did that year go!?!

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