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HI there,

I've been thinking about getting my daughter christened but not being richie rich or anything am worried about the cost.

Does anyone know how much it costs to get your child christened?

Thanks everyone
depends on the church.

Jacob is being christened Roman Catholic - I have to pay $50 which is apparently the norm for the cost of paper work etc.

You need to contact your local church if this is the way you would like to go.
The church we baptised my son at just wanted us to make a donation in the collection basket, we gave them $50

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)


We got our daughter christned in a catholic church when she was 11 months old, all the church asked us for was a donation which is whatever you like we donated $50, also we only invited the godparents,granparents, my husbands and my siblings and that was it, we then had a light morning tea afterwards, the reason we did it this was was because it was her first birthday 4 weeks after because we were a bit slack in arranging the christining, but it worked out good, You have to put a limit I think on the invitestherwise it gets out of hand so what if people get offended its your decision,


Oscar was baptised at 9 weeks old, we did have to book it in though so I would suggest that you go speak to the minister asap if you are wanting the christening to be in the next month or so.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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