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My 12 week old son let out his first big belly giggle today. Such a special moment. He giggled so much he gave himself the hiccups, then vomited, and then got cranky because he realised he couldn't do both at once.

Any mum's want to share there 'Giggling' stories. What amuses them, when it first happened etc.

Is 12 weeks normal timing for a bub to start to giggle, does anyone know ???
Its magic isn't it?! I think its the best sound I have ever heard when my little man laughs. He started laughing at me nodding my head at him! He used to find head movements incredibly funny! He now laughs at so many different things, you just have to chase him or throw him in the air or tickle him and he laughs his head off.
I think giggling like smiling happens whenever your baby is ready, and when they decide something is funny enough to warrant that beautiful sound!

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

Kayden had been giggling for a while, and we went on a professional photography day! when he was so grumpy when we got there, the photographer only got daggers. Kayden then got the crying undercontroll and was so upset that he looked like he was going to blow up like a balloon. He then had a few nakie shots and did a huge poo on me while he was nakie! ARGH! he then started laughing/giggling because he thought it was funny. It soon turned to hiccups, and then to a vomit, and then he fell asleep in my arms!!!! i couldnt believe it, and thought what else could go wrong?! he eventually woke after all the photos were taken and when i put his nappy back on he pee'd all over me! That was the worst day he giggled!
for more funny stories like mine visit and you will find some classics. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Jorja laughed for the first time when she was 5 months old. We had gone to Auckland to stay with the mother-in-law, and we put Jorja in a swing to see if she liked it. My Mum-in-law started jumping around and making "abooo" noises and Jorja let out this gorgeous laugh. I was so excited I started yelling and running inside to get my husband to come out and listen to her. We were all jumping around and laughing for ages, just so we could hear that amazing sound, with tears spilling down my cheeks!

Mum of Jorja, 6 mths old

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