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Why does my baby keeps shaking his head? Lock Rss

At 6months old, my DS has been shaking his head left right left right for no apparent reasons. He would just sit there with his rattle/toy and continue to shake his head left right left right. Over a period of time it stopped, now at 7.5months he started doing it again. Is this normal?
Sounds pretty normal to me. DD learnt to do it around the same age as your little man, and stopped and started again, as you described. I think it's just babies finding that they can do new 'tricks' so to speak. DD grew out of doing it once she learnt how to clap her hands & started crawling on all 4's.

Oh, and DD also learnt soon after to nod her head as well - probably copying Mumma.

smile -xx-

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Hi There,

There was another post like this and I put in that post what I was told is the reason for the head shakes.

A doctor told me that when teeth start pushing through it presses on nerves in the jaw. Baby will shake their heads to deal with the pressure. Generally the teeth will pop through during this head shaking time.. it is nothing to worry about.
I saw my ds (7mths) do this today for the first time, I cracked up laughing and he did it again. everytime I laughed he'd do it.
I think like others have said its a new trick!!
My son went through the head turning phase at about the same time, then stopped for a while, then started again and I havent seen him do it for a few months now!! He's 11 months now. As Kristo said they get a reaction from it so they keep on doing it, it's very cute and I'm sure nothing at all to worry about, just something new they learn. Not sure about the teething thing, that sounds a bit strange to me!

Ange, Joshua almost 1 & step-son Chris 8!!

My son has just started doing this, it can be quite hilarious but also nothing to be worried about.. smile

Ronan Born @ 27wks -

My little man does this too.I thought it was a bit strange too.All good tho,teething thing makes sense....I thought he was just being cute.

Bec,Tas,Hugh 26/10/06

hey my ds has been doing the head shaking for a couple of days we couldnt work out why until i realised my dad shakes his head and makes ds laugh also ds's father has been doing the same thing so i am thinking he is just coppying. While he is getting a laugh from everyone why stop? hehe
dont stress by the looks of things everyone has the same probs

sha and brock (5-10-06)

My 6 month old does this to. She usually does it to my mother when she talks to her. She looks so funny. She seems to do it when she doesnt want any more bottle aswell.
My son was doing the same thing & thanx to u guys i now know why. I just thought it was a new trick he was doing as my daughter never did this. It is funny to watch too.
Thanx for the advise.

Amanda, vic, Tia 09/11/05 Jai 09/02/07

How funny is this. My little boy just started doing this yesterday, and now there is no stopping him!! Glad to hear that we aren't the only ones with a funny bub! It is very cute and loves the attention it gets him!
I think they must enjoy the dizzy sensation from shaking their heads, silly buggers!
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