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how to keep 20mnth old in bed Lock Rss

We would like to put our 20mnth old into a bed, meaning that the cot will be ready for our 3mnth old. The bed has been in the room for over a year, so she is used to it. We have put a side rail on so she can't fall out. She can climb onto the bed herself, gets under the covers, lies down, pretends to snore, but five minutes later, comes running out! After this happens ten or more times, we give up and put her back in the cot. Help, what can we try to keep her in the bed?
I am not sure my daughter is 18 months and loves her bed! Maybe sit with her for the first night untill she falls asleep, Or maybe read her a story or 2, Sorry im not much help but im sure someone else will be able to help


My daughter is now 19 months old and she has only been in a single bed for about 2 weeks with rails so she will not fall out. I was adviced that start off with afternoon sleeps and ease them into the new routine. I think that putting them back into the cot will only confuse them more. Do they have a toy or teddy that they feel safe with that way they might stay in bed.

catherine second bub due in July 07


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