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Naming day vs christening Lock Rss

Hi my name is Leanne

I had a little girl, Eliza, on 17th of Jan 2005.

Right from the start my partner has wanted to get her christened as he was (i wasnt), however neither of us are religous now and i feel uncomfortable with the sort of commitment i think getting her christened involves.

I only found out recently that you can have a naming day instead, performed by a celebrant.

Do you think this is a good compromise?

What does the naming day ceremony involve?

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

Cant help you with the naming day but in respect to a church christening - you don't have to be regular church goers etc to have your baby religiously christened.

My husband is Anglican and I'm Catholic - Jacob is being christened in my church but we arent religious - but I realise that when he's old enough to understand - I'll have to make a committment to myself to tell him the stories etc like Noah's arc and the 3 wise men etc.

Good luck in what you decide - either way it will be a special day for you and your family.
Hey Leanne, ummmmm I feel the same way, my partner and I are of differing religions, so have found that 'happy medium' so in four weeks time for her 1st birthday we are incooperating a naming ceremony for her!!

It can be completely 'nuetral' as u like. for ours we are still having godparents although they tend to be called 'menotors' in a naming ceremony, which we are having, and you can say why u chose her name, and what it means and all that, and we are also having a prayer, and Neil and I are also going to say something along the lines of what she means to us blah blah blah as ucan see still gotta sort out the finer points LOL!! but a naming ceremony is exactly what you want without the churchy stuff!! LOL

Good luck love kel and Kenzie xoxox

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Hi Leanne

I am in exactly in the same boat.

I am christened, my partner isn't. Neither of us are religous, but for some reason I wanted my son to be christened. My partner refused to have him christened, therefore we have comprimised with a Naming Ceremony. It actually suits us to a tee. Just check out the yellow pages for Civil Celebrants. I have found through my enquires that depending on what celebrant you go with most have a variety of ceremonies you can choose from to suit, what you want for your day. On average I found that most services cost around $200.

Hope this helps.

hi leanne my name is kylie and i to am not christened but my husband is. We are having a naming day for our son . You can still have godparents/guardians and the celebrate that we have booked sprinkles flower petals over the childs head as she names him. We can also pick a couple of verses to be read out and the godparents can make wish for the child. Its really nice. She is charging us $120 for the service and we also get a certificate. So i think that its a nice compremise. The best thing you can have it anywhere.

kylie,nsw,mum to William & Hannah

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