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bad cot bumpers, any suggestions? Lock Rss

hi ppl,
i think im probably bringing this up in the wrong spot but dont really know where to post this! im having a problem with the cot bumpers. I dont know wether to take them off or to leave them on?! Kayden has started the whole rolling around thing, and he loves it! he is wrapped but when he is awake he tries extremly hard to get him self out of the wrap and play with anything he can grab! even if it is the sheet it gets played with and he puts it in his mouth! but lately he seems to be pulling at the cot bumper enough to get it undone and put it in his mouth! i am a bit worried because of the tassels that are on there, YES YOU KNOW THE ONES! they are really long, and i dont want him to maybe choke on them or swallow them, should i take the bumper off?
ANY suggestions plz!
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SIDS advises that there should be no cot bumbers or any other padding in the cot. Im onto baby no2 and have never used them.

Jeanie, QLD, toddler girl and boy and pregnant

My suggestion take the cot bumper off, but if you really have to use the cot bumper (eg you paid alot of money for it) I would suggest that you only put it on the cot when your bub is awake and playing in the cot

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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