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Activity centres for babies Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I have a friend that has an activity play centre for their 6 month old. Which she basically sits in and has a table with lots of things to play with around it. They can turn themselves around etc.

Just wondering if anyone has one and if so what sort? and was it expensive?

My daughter hates lying on the floor so something like this sounds like fun!!!

Ella's mumma
Hi, a friend lent us one of these activity centres and it is great. Both twins loved being in it - they giggle & laugh as they bounce up and down. It's something different for them as they get to "stand" up and get a different view of the world. Sorry can't help you about type and cost (the one we used is a few years old), just wanted to say it is worth it. Although, they say not to use it when baby starts to walk.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

My 8 1/2 moth old son, gets very frustrated that he cant crawl, he loves to stand and sit and is a completely different baby when doing so. I invested in the play centre is great, I even tied a copule of his favourite toys to it so he cant throw them overboard. They have them on sale in Babies Galore for $149, and it last until they are 3 yeasr old. They are also safe.

Jill NSW 2 and a half yr old BIG Boy

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