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boy bits Lock Rss

hey all...
i am busy asking lots of questions this week, but i think its great that i can compare with other people - not only in my mothersgroup but with other mums from around australia.
MY new question is Have your boy's found their "bits" yet? the girls in my mothersgroup asked me if Kayden had found them yet? and i said "no" because i didnt think they found them at such a young age... who has found their bits and who hasnt... and what happend when they found it? what did you do? should i be expecting him to be discovering him self soon? - for cheap baby specials (CHECK IT OUT) -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Jacob has - he was playing with it in the bath the other night.

They do play with them whilst in the womb.

I didnt do anything - I don't think its right to discourage them because its part of their own self exploration - the only thing I will be encouraging him to do when he's able to understand is to do it in private - not in front of people - especially his grandmother!
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